Adelaide Sandblasting and Protective Coatings

Corrosion is harmful in a marine environment

Boats of all kinds are prone to corrosion, especially rust, which can affect the hull, propellor and other surfaces. It’s important to treat corrosion effectively, and abrasive blasting is an important part of the process. This enables affected surfaces to be stripped back to a corrosion free base that can then be primed and protectively coated.

Protective coatings prevent corrosion

Protective coating is a cost-effective and efficient way of combating corrosion on marine vessels and protects against moisture interacting with surfaces, leading to degradation and corrosion. Preparing surfaces with abrasive blasting prior to coating creates an effective anchor for the coating and the right physical environment for the coating material to adhere.

Industrial coatings protect components and machinery

Industrial coatings are crucial to ensuring long life and effectiveness for all types of equipment, machinery and marine vessels. This is especially important in harsh working environments, where protective industrial coatings help to prevent corrosion and the impact of chemicals and weather. Protective coatings can be applied all types of structures, materials, components and machines.

Removing old coatings, paint and contaminants

Abrasive blasting removes coatings, corrosion and residues from surfaces, meaning that blisters can be repaired and surfaces can be primed for new protective coatings to be applied so as to achieve maximum bonding. Abrasive blasting is able to profile surfaces in a variety of ways so that they are ready to receive all types of industrial coatings and protective paints.

Abrasive blasting strips coatings from all surfaces, including steel, concrete and brick

Abrasive blasting ensures that corrosion and other imperfections are blasted away from the surface, profiling it so that new layers of paint and industrial coating can be applied onto a thoroughly clear and even surface, ensuring better adhesion and therefore a longer, more effective lifespan.

Onsite abrasive blasting and industrial coating services

At +Australian Enviroblast we offer onsite abrasive blasting and industrial coating services with full encapsulation and waste disposal, allowing other work onsite to continue, and our EPA accreditation means that we can operate in environmentally-sensitive areas.

Protective and industrial coatings

Corrosion-resistant surface treatments are essential to extending the life of metal machinery and equipment in environments where corrosion is a constant threat, be it from extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals or salt spray.

At Australian Enviroblast, we specialise in the application of industrial coatings that protect treated surfaces and equipment from the effects of corrosion and other forms of degradation, and we can apply a wide variety of coatings to meet your needs and the demands of the work environment.

Abrasive blasting with the Quill Falcon Kwikblast Dustless Blasting System means that surfaces are prepared and profiled so that newly-applied paint and protective coatings can be at their most effective, adhering better for longer. Any coating will ultimately fail if the surface is not properly treated and prepared, and so wet abrasive blasting makes sure that coatings stay in place and offer protection for valuable plant and machinery.

Spray painting

We are able to offer an onsite spray painting service for mining machinery and equipment to complement our dustless wet blasting surface cleaning and preparation.