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Adelaide Sandblasting and Protective Coatings

Corrosion is harmful in a marine environment Boats of all kinds are prone to corrosion, especially rust, which can affect the hull, propellor and other surfaces. It’s important to treat corrosion effectively, and abrasive blasting is an important part of the process. This enables affected surfaces to be stripped back to a corrosion free base that can then be primed and protectively coated.
Protective coatings prevent corrosion Protective coating is a cost-effective and efficient way of combating corrosion on marine vessels and protects against moisture interacting with surfaces, leading to degradation and corrosion. Preparing surfaces with abrasive blasting prior to coating creates an effective anchor for the coating and the right physical environment for the coating material to adhere. Industrial coatings protect components and machinery Industrial coatings are crucial to ensuring long life and effectiveness for all types of equipment, machinery and marine vessels. This is especial…