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Adelaide Wet Abrasive Blasting Services | Australian Enviroblast

Our new brochure includes details of the comprehensive range of wet abrasive blasting services we are proud to offer across metropolitan Adelaide and throughout regional and country South Australia.

Whether you are looking to undertake a large-scale project, such as abrasive blasting a commercial fishing boat or passenger ferry, or a smaller job such as line marking removal or removing graffiti, we have the equipment, expertise and experience to ensure that that the job is performed effectively and efficiently.
Click on the brochure below to read more, visit our website, or email us directly.

Wet Abrasive Blasting Services

At +Australian Enviroblast, we provide a wide variety of wet abrasive blasting services, using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast Precision Dustless Blasting System. We operate throughout metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia, and our highly-skilled, experienced and professional teams have wide-ranging knowledge and expertise, meaning that we are able to tackle any type of wet abrasive blasting job, no mater the size or scale.

Marine Wet Abrasive Blasting At AEB, we have extensive experience in marine wet abrasive blasting, on all types of vessels, marine-based structures and equipment.

Wet abrasive blasting is used on commercial fishing boats, passenger ships, ferries, yachts and other types of boats as a means of removing growths, old paint layers and contaminants prior to repainting and re-coating, and is often performed at the time of a ship's two-year survey.

Prior to any re-coating, it is important that existing paint and industrial coatings are thoroughly and effectiv…