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Abrasive Blasting for Mining Equipment and Machinery

Dustless blasting with the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System is highly effective at stripping old layers of paint and coatings, and any other type of imperfection, from all types of surfaces, including steel, concrete and brick.

Abrasive blasting ensures that corrosion and other imperfections are blasted away from the surface, profiling it so that new layers of paint and industrial coating can be applied onto a thoroughly clear and even surface, ensuring better adhesion and therefore a longer, more effective lifespan.

Our dustless abrasive blasting is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications on mining sites. It can be used to clean and preserve a large range of machinery, equipment and structures, including:
mining machinery, both large and small
earthmoving equipment, such as excavators, dozers and wheel loaders mining transport, such as dump trucks and trailers plant and equipment flare towers and tanks buildings and bridges pipelines storage tanks process tank…

Abrasive Blasting in the Australian Mining Industry

Abrasive blasting using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System is the ideal process for prolonging the life and performance of a wide range of mining equipment, machinery and structures. It reduces the effects of corrosion and other forms of abrasion, caused by operating in extreme heat conditions, excessive wear and tear, and exposure to chemicals and other corrosive materials. Abrasive blasting enables affected surfaces to be effectively and efficiently stripped back to a corrosion free base that can then be primed and protectively coated.

The Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System is the ideal preparation for repainting and re-coating all types of mining machines and apparatus, as abrasive blasting also effectively strips away old layers of paint and contaminants so that new paint and coatings can adhere effectively to the newly-profiled surface.

We combine our wet abrasive blasting services with industrial coating application which means that mining equipm…