Removing Graffiti From Adelaide Icons

Abrasive Blasting to Remove Graffiti

Graffiti removal using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System means that paints and other contaminants are completely removed from the surface of brickwork, stone, metal and other materials without leaving a shadow, and the vandalised area is returned to pristine condition without any damage to the underlying surface.

At Australian Enviroblast, we specialise in the removal of graffiti from Adelaide buses, trains and trams
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Wet abrasive blasting is versatile

The Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System is a versatile, adaptable and flexible method of abrasive blasting that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, of varying degrees of robustness, and therefore whatever the structure or material that you need graffiti removed from, our abrasive blasting services can be adapted to fit your needs.

Suitable for heritage properties

For instance, at Australian Enviroblast, we specialise in the restoration of heritage properties and so are equipped and experienced to be able to remove graffiti from soft stone and the most delicate buildings and structures. However, our work is also in demand in the marine sector, where more robust abrasive blasting is needed to clean rust and other corrosion from ships, boats and yachts.

Graffiti removal from public transport

Public transport is particularly vulnerable to graffiti attacks, and trains in Adelaide are frequently vandalised in this way, as are buses and trams—even our beloved and historic H-Trams. At Australian Enviroblast, our abrasive blasting services are suitable for all types of steel, metal and aluminium surfaces are so provide an ideal solution to dealing with graffiti vandalism in all areas of the public transport system.

Building and construction sites

Building and construction sites in Adelaide, including the temporary fencing around them, make an attractive target for graffiti vandals. A partially-constructed building that has been graffitied doesn’t present an attractive image to the public, and if it is not attended to immediately, can attract others to attempt the same.

Also, machinery and vehicles, because they are left unattended at night on these sites, can also be attacked. Our abrasive blasting services can quickly and effectively remove graffiti in any or all of these instances and restore your site to proper working order.

The Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System

Abrasive blasting using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® Dustless Blasting System is an environmentally-friendly solution to graffiti removal that uses far less water than other forms of abrasive blasting and reclaims all the media used during the process. In addition, no dust is produced and so no encapsulation is required, meaning that other work can be carried out at the same time.

Wet abrasive blasting is environmentally friendly

Australian Enviroblast is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and adheres to its high standards of environmental safety with regards to air quality, noise, water quality and waste management. In addition, our operators are experienced in working at heights and in other types of hazardous situations.

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