Marine Abrasive Blasting

Australian Enviroblast is a specialist in abrasive blasting for all types of marine vessels, structures and equipment. 

Abrasive blasting has proven itself to be the most effective and cost-efficient means of removing contaminants and marine build up from ships, boats and yachts of all types, as well as all kinds of marine-based structures, machinery and equipment.

Using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® System, abrasive blasting is able to successfully remove all of the following from boat hulls and decking, and marine machinery and structures:
  • oil
  • grease
  • corrosion
  • soluble salts (chloride and sulphates)
  • chemicals
  • old coatings
  • algae
  • barnacles
  • grime and dirt

Wet abrasive blasting is extremely effective at the removal of marine contaminants and coatings
At Australian Enviroblast, we have experience at wet abrasive blasting for all types of marine vessels

Abrasive Blasting for Marine Vessels

Marine vessels are naturally subject to a build up of algae and barnacles, grime and dirt, bilge-oil film and blisters after an extended time in the water. These and other unwanted additions to the hull can eventually cause so much drag that they affect a boat’s performance.

Removing these types of growth and contaminants by hand is not only incredibly laborious, but it can also cause damage to the surface, particularly on a fibreglass hull. Doing so, it is easy to scratch or even gouge the gelcoat, which can lead to blisters and fractures.

The difficulty of stripping a boat hull also means that it can be tempting simply to apply a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint over the hull without stripping it right back beforehand. As well as hiding and then eventually exacerbating problems, this also means that boat performance is affected as a result of the rough bottom and the excess weight produced by too many layers of paint.

Wet abrasive blasting is extremely gentle and effective at removing unnecessary and harmful paint layers and other build ups in such a way as to maximise boat performance, without requiring enormous amounts of time and intensive labour. This means that there is more time available for anti-fouling paint and protective coatings to be applied thoroughly without increasing your downtime and maintenance costs, which will in turn have the effect of adding years to a vessel’s lifespan.

Copywriting by +MarkAngus