What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is fast, efficient, safe, effective and EPA approved.

Abrasive blasting (sometimes known as sand blasting) is a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost effective way of removing rust, grease, paint, stains, and other types of coatings, corrosion and residue from almost any type of surface. It is also an effective means of smoothing, roughing up, or reshaping different types of surfaces and structures, and can also be used to create decorative finishes on concrete.

During the process, abrasive material is propelled by at high pressure (powered by air or water) onto the surface or structure to be cleaned, and this strips away unwanted substances but leaves the original surfaces clean and contaminant free. Different types of abrasive materials (or media) can be used according to the objects or areas that need to be cleaned. These include sand, metallic grit, shot, stone granulate, garnet, glass, chalk or soda. After abrasive blasting has been completed, surfaces and structures are extremely clean and are prepared ready for protective coatings to be re-applied or repainting to take place.

The media used during abrasive blasting is reclaimed, as is any water used during wet abrasive blasting, while there is no dust produced during the process. Therefore, using the Quill Falcon Precision Dustless Kwikblast® System means that this process does not cause environmental damage nor consume excessive natural resources, as there is significantly less dust and waste produced, and water used.

At Australian Enviroblast, we are able to offer a full range of abrasive blasting services, all designed to meet the specific requirements of any job, no matter how large or small, or however delicate. Our mobile on site service means that we can travel to you, and we also have a facility at Seaford equipped with blasting booths and spray booths.

Heritage stone and brick work benefit from abrasive blasting
Abrasive blasting is especially effective on delicate heritage stone and brick

Written by +MarkAngus