Why abrasive blasting is the key to effective protection against corrosion

For any sort of corrosion protection system to operate effectively, surface preparation is always the key. Protective coatings need to be able to adhere to a metal or steel surface properly if they are to do their job of keeping rust and other types of corrosion at bay, and this means all forms of contaminants need to be removed before applying paint and/or protective coatings.

However, it’s not just a matter of a surface being clean – it also needs to be profiled in such a way that the coating can adhere to it effectively. Abrasive blasting is a flexible and precise approach to surface preparation which enables metal, steel and other surfaces to be profiled to meet your precise specifications and requirements.

Prevent Flash Rust with Wet Abrasive Blasting
When preparing metal structures for coating and painting, flash rusting can present a significant problem as it sets in very quickly on steel that has been newly blasted, especially when sandblasting or other conventional dry blast…

Wet Abrasive Blasting or High Pressure Water Cleaning—What’s the Difference?

Both of these processes tend to be known by a variety of names. For instance, the terms sandblasting, slurry blasting, grit blasting or simply abrasive blasting are very often used for the process that is more correctly known as wet abrasive blasting. Likewise, high pressure water cleaning is also referred to as waterblasting, hydrojetting, hydroblasting, high pressure cleaning or UHP hydroblasting (ultra high pressure hydroblasting).

Similarly, some people lump wet abrasive and high pressure water cleaning in together, believing them to be the same process. While there are undoubtedly similarities, there are nevertheless some important differences between these two blasting methods.

Similarities Both processes are used to clean and profile a variety of surfaces, very often in preparation for repainting or the application of protective or industrial coatings.

Likewise, both use water propelled at high speed onto a surface in order to blast away rust, corrosion and other contaminants…

Adelaide Sandblasting in Action

At +Australian Enviroblast we provide a range of abrasive blasting services (also known as sandblasting and dustless blasting) across Adelaide and throughout South Australia.

We specialise in:
marine abrasive blastingabrasive blasting in building restorationline marking and graffiti removalindustrial and mining machinery cleaningprotective coatings At Australian Enviroblast we use the technologically-advanced Quill Falcon Precision Dustless Kwikblast System and offer an on-site abrasive blasting service, meaning we can tackle both large- and small-scale abrasive blasting work in the commercial, domestic, industrial and marine fields.

Marine Abrasive Blasting in Action

How is Dustless Blasting Used?
Dustless blasting removes paint, protective coatings, as well as contaminants such as corrosion and rust from all types of structures, locations and equipment. At the same time, abrasive blasting leaves surfaces clean, contaminant free and thoroughly prepared for re-painting or re-coating.

Adelaide Sandblasting and Protective Coatings

Corrosion is harmful in a marine environment Boats of all kinds are prone to corrosion, especially rust, which can affect the hull, propellor and other surfaces. It’s important to treat corrosion effectively, and abrasive blasting is an important part of the process. This enables affected surfaces to be stripped back to a corrosion free base that can then be primed and protectively coated.
Protective coatings prevent corrosion Protective coating is a cost-effective and efficient way of combating corrosion on marine vessels and protects against moisture interacting with surfaces, leading to degradation and corrosion. Preparing surfaces with abrasive blasting prior to coating creates an effective anchor for the coating and the right physical environment for the coating material to adhere. Industrial coatings protect components and machinery Industrial coatings are crucial to ensuring long life and effectiveness for all types of equipment, machinery and marine vessels. This is especial…

Adelaide Wet Abrasive Blasting Services | Australian Enviroblast

Our new brochure includes details of the comprehensive range of wet abrasive blasting services we are proud to offer across metropolitan Adelaide and throughout regional and country South Australia.

Whether you are looking to undertake a large-scale project, such as abrasive blasting a commercial fishing boat or passenger ferry, or a smaller job such as line marking removal or removing graffiti, we have the equipment, expertise and experience to ensure that that the job is performed effectively and efficiently.
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